Yule Ritual


  • Bowl of salt water
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Yule log (optional)
  • God & Goddess candles
  • Red candle
  • White candle
  • Black candle

Place the holly on the altar and have the mistletoe ready but not on the altar. When you are ready, invite the Goddess into your circle and cast your circle. After this say:
“Blessed Be the season of Yule.
Blessed be the young Virgin
Goddess who gives to Her people
tonight a newborn God.
Blessed be the newborn God.”

Remove the holly from your altar and replace it with the mistletoe (the symbol of the Oak King). Say:
"Blessed be the King of the Waxing Year.
I pray you will guide your
children safely through the
season of warmth and light."

Take you Goddess and God candle into your hands. Say:
"Tonight Goddess and God are reunited.
Tonight life begins anew
and light begins to anew.
Blessed be the one light.
Blessed be the divine force of creation."

Touch the candle flames to each other. Replace them closer together on the altar. If you have a Yule log, now is the time to light it. You will need a white, red, and black candle. Place the candles in the log. Light the white and say:
"Blessed be the Virgin, innocent and fresh."

Light the red candle and say:
"Blessed be the Mother, fertile and loving."

Light the black candle and say:
"Blessed be the Crone, powerful and wise."

Go to the bowl of water and say:,
"Blessed be the Triple Goddess."

Place your fingers into the bowl and anoint your feet, belly and head. This is a blessing of the triple Goddess. If you wish, you may add words as you anoint yourself. Then spend time meditating or whatever you like. Open the circle when you are finished.