Wiccaning Ceremony


  • Four elements
  • Holy water
  • New baby blanket
  • Illuminator candles
  • 8 (13 inch) ribbons
  • Needle and thread
  • Presents for the baby (optional)

Carefully sew the ribbons onto the blanket, thinking of what they stand for as you sew. Each ribbon’s color stands for a special gift:
White: The gift of spiritual success and free will, and the purification of Spirit.
Silver: The gift of psychism and the love of the Goddess.
Blue: The gift of communication and intelligence.
Green: The gift of healing and attunement with nature.
Yellow: The gift that all needs will be met in a positive way and that joy be a constant companion.
Gold: The gift of wisdom and discernment.
Red: The gift of courage, laughter, and right action.
Purple: The gift of communication with your guardian.

Cleanse the area with the four elements. Stack any physical gifts for the baby by the altar. At the core of the ritual, bless the baby with holy water (just a touch), saying:
“May you be cleansed, consecrated, and generated in the name of our Lord and Lady.
May your feet always walk the path of love and enlightenment.
So mote it be.”

Then pass the four elements over the baby, asking each for love and empowerment in his or her forthcoming life.

Place the blanket around the baby, saying:
“Welcome back, little one!
May the Mother’s blessings shower thee with the love of family and friends by my hand on your head I empower thee in this Circle that never ends.
I give you these gifts of life and enchantment —”

Touch each ribbon as you repeat the gift, then hold your hands over the baby and envision all the gifts coalescing into a ball of light that surrounds the baby. Draw an equal-armed cross over the baby, saying:
“These gifts are yours to keep or to discard when you come of age to understand them.
May you use them wisely. So mote it be.”

If there are other gifts to be given to the baby, do so now, then close the ritual in the normal way