• Salted water
  • Incense

The Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.

Covener: "There is an addition to our number. Let us give her/him due welcome."

Parents move to stand across the altar from the Priest and Priestess. They hold the baby.

Priest: "What is the name of the child?”

Parents give the child's name — the name by which it will be known in the Circle until old enough to choose its own name.

Priest: "We welcome you, (Name)."

Priestess: "Welcome, and much love to you."

Priest and Priestess lead Parents and child three times, deosil, around the Circle. Parents then "offer" the child — they hold the child over the altar.

Parents: "We here offer the fruit of our love to the gods. May they watch over her/him as s/he grows."

Priestess dips her fingers in the salted water and gently wipes them over the baby's face. Mother then passes the child through the smoke of the incense.

Priestess: "May the Lord and the Lady ever smile upon you."

Priest: "May they guard you and guide you through this life."

Priestess: "May they help you choose that which is right and shun that which is wrong."

Priest: "May they see that no harm befalls you, or others through you."

Priestess (to parents): "We charge you both, in the names of the God and of the Goddess, to lead this child, with love, through the highways and byways of life. Teach him/her the ways of the Craft that s/he may learn to honor and respect all life and to harm none."

Priest: "Teach her/him of the Lord and the Lady; of this life, of all that went before and what may come after. Tell the tales of the gods and teach the history of our Craft. Teach her/him to strive for that perfection which all desire and, when the time is right, hope — but do not press — that s/he joins with us and becomes truly one of our beloved family."

Parents: "All this will we do. So do we pledge."

Priest and Priestess: "We bid welcome to (Name)."

All: "Welcome!"

Then shall follow the ceremony of Cakes and Ale.