Wedjat Spell


  • Small red bag
  • Small black stone
  • Small white stone
  • Hand-drawn wedjat eye on a small piece of paper
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Picture of the sick person
  • Taglock of the sick person
  • 1/64 portion thyme
  • 1/32 portion dried, crushed garlic
  • 1/16 portion allspice
  • 1/8 portion cinnamon
  • ¼ portion dried mint
  • ½ portion crushed pine needles or rosemary
  • Ribbon or string

Cast your circle, call the quarters, cleanse and consecrate all supplies. Place the picture of the sick person in the center of your altar. Grind the herbs with the mortar and pestle, empowering them as you do so. Empower the black and white stones for healing and balance. Place the herbs, stones, and taglock in the red bag and set it on top of the picture. Place the wedjat eye on top of the photo. Hold your hands over the wedjat eye and repeat the following incantation:
"I belong to the Craft of the Wise. I belong to (say your patron God/Goddess or Spirit). I have come from (where you were born) with the Great Ones of the Great House, the Lords of Protection and the Rulers of Eternity. I come from magick with the Mother of the Gods and I am in Her safekeeping. I know charms that the Almighty wrought to chase away the spell of a god, of a goddess, of a dead man, of a dead woman, a living male, a living female, and they are a part of my knowledge. It is I who shall guard the sick person (say their name), from his/her enemies. Our guide shall be Thoth, who lets writing speak, who creates the books, who passes on useful knowledge to Those Who Know, that they may deliver from disease the sick person of whom a god wishes so that he/she be kept alive and healthy."

Place the wedjat eye in the bag and tie it closed with ribbon or string. Hold the bag in both hands while saying:
"O Isis, great in sorcery, mayest thou remove all sickness, mayest thou deliver (person's name) from everything evil and vicious and angry, from the spell of a god, from the spell of a goddess, of a dead man, of a dead woman, of a living male, of a living female and deliver (person's name) as thou delivered both Osiris and Horus. Behold! Thou hast saved (person's name) from all things evil, and vicious, and angry, from the spell of a god, from the spell of a goddess, from a dead man, from a dead woman, from a living male, from a living female. (Person's name) is one with you, one with the universe, and one with perfect health. I know you will do this for me. So mote it be."

If the ill person is magickal or will believe in your work, you may give the person the bag and tell them to keep it with them until they are well. If they do not believe, place the photo and the bag in a safe place until the healing occurs. When the individual is well, dismantle the bag, bury the stones, and burn the remainder, giving thanks to the gods.