Wedding Prayer to Hymen

Artisans, raise high the roof beam!
Tall is the bridegroom as Ares,
Taller by far than the tallest,
O Hymenæus!

Ay! towering over his fellows,
As over men of all other
Lands towers the Lesbian singer,
O Hymenæus!

Well-favored, too, is the maiden,
Eyes that are sweeter than honey,
Fair both in face and in figure,
O Hymenæus!

For there was never another
Virgin in loveliness like her,
By Aphrodite so honored,
O Hymenæus!

O happy bridegroom, the wedding
Comes to the point of completion;
Thou hast the maid of thy choosing,
O Hymenæus!

See how a paleness suffuses
Soft o’er her exquisite features,
Passion’s benign premonition,
O Hymenæus!

Go to the couch unreluctant,
Rejoicing and sweet to the bridegroom;
He in his turn is rejoicing,
O Hymenæus!

May Hesperus lead thee, and Hera,
She whom tonight that ye honor,
Silver-throned Goddess of marriage,
O Hymenæus!