Water Spell


  • Stone
  • Pen

Charge the stone with your intent and write the intent on the stone. If you have access to a pond, river, lake, or stream, cast the stone into the body of water. Chant the following as you visualize your magick happening:
“With my intent into this stone,
Which in the water I have thrown.
Water grant this spell to me,
So that the results I soon may see.”

If you don’t have access to a body of water, you can use a bathtub or shower. As you sit in the bathwater or stand in the running shower, allow the water to flow and carry your intent away from you as it goes down the drain. Visualize your intent and chant:
“Water running in the night,
Underneath the Moon so bright.
Grant to me this spell I weave,
So soon my wish I will achieve.”