Virgo Energy Spell


  • Unused check register
  • Pen
  • Rubber band

Time: Wednesday, Mercury hour, sun or moon in Virgo

Take an unused check register and on the first page list your ancestors.

On the next page, write the current date in the “date” column. State your dilemma in the “description of transaction” line.

Under the balance column write your hoped-for-solution. There isn’t much room, so you will have to be succinct.

On the front of the transaction register, draw the symbol for Mercury and the symbol for Virgo. Wrap a rubber band around the register and snap three times, while repeating affirmations you have written designed to bring your desire to you. Ask Spirit or your guardian angel for assistance.

Each day, write down the mundane steps you have taken to solve the problem. In the balance column, repeat the same keyword you used for the solution. If you do additional magick, record that action as well, again using the same keyword under the balance section.

Remember to wrap the rubber band around the register when you are finished, and snap the band three times, repeating your affirmations.

When your desire has manifested, you have two choices: bury the register in your back yard, or turn to a new page and work a new spell, using the same method.