Unjust Incarceration Spell


  • Handful of white feathers
  • Short, brittle stick
  • Clay
  • Pencil or stylus

When the moon is in Aquarius, fashion the clay into a thin tablet. Write the incarcerated person's name on the tablet with the stylus, along with his or her birth date, current age, and place where he or she is jailed. Allow to dry.

Find a place outside where you will not be disturbed. Cast the magick circle, call the quarters, and invoke Spirit. Stand in the center of the circle, and say:
"In the name of (deity's name), I break the bonds of (name of jailed individual)."

Snap the stick in two. Hold up the clay tablet, and say:
"I release him/her from unjust confinement."

Break the clay tablet over your knee, and allow the pieces to drop freely to the ground.

Hold up the feathers and say:
"May the winds of change bring you your freedom!"

Release the feathers, then very loudly proclaim:
"As I will, so mote it be. This Spell is sealed!"

Thank deity, close the quarters, and release the circle. Leave the stick, clay shards, and feathers to the forces of nature.

Note: This spell will not work if the person is guilty, or if the punishment karmically fits the crime.