Traveler's Prayer to Poseidon

Poseidon, Earth-Shaker, Lord of the Sea,
your undeniable power moves against this ship,
which moves, in response, from side to side.
This great ship, proud accomplishment of human mind and muscle, is at your mercy.
We who sail on the surface of your depths
acknowledge your power, and your mastery of this realm.
That is why we turn our prayers toward you,
to the blue-maned deep-dweller,
who can stretch out his trident-armed hand
and make the flat sea-surface grow mountains and canyons,
foundering the ships that cross it,
or who can, if he wishes, still the churning,
and smooth the way of the wave-cleaving ships.
Lord of waters, we pray to you,
scattering offerings overboard.
Take them and not us.
Receive them gladly and give in return
calm seas and safe passage,
until we return to land
with gratitude for your kindness.

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book