Transformation Ritual


  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 Tarot card representing your challenge
  • 1 Tarot card representing your desired outcome

Place the black candle on the left with the challenge card below it, face up.

Place the white candle on the right with the card of transformation, face down.

Light the black candle. Focus on the challenge card. Think about your situation and energy. Imagine channeling that energy into the candle, infusing the ways with the problem. When ready say:
"Candle black and candle white
Heal this dankness with your light
I now release this plight to be
transformed by love so I am free"

Turn the challenge card face down. Light the white candle. Turn the transformation card face up. Focus on the positive imagery and energy of the card. This time, infuse yourself with the energy, imagine the candle charging you and your desire with vital life force.

Thank the deities and let the candles burn out themselves.