To Start a Passionate Affair with Thou Person’s Desire


  • Sky blue taper candle
  • Parchment
  • Pen

Select a candle of light sky blue and cut seven notches firm and true.

Add to this seven strips of parchment paper, place beside thy candle taper.

Upon them scribe, both first and last the name of the Lover bold and fast.

Fold the strips in two, lengthwise to keep the names from prying eyes.

Strike a flame and set the candle to burn and let one strip to ashes turn.

Speak out these words seven times in all, to summon the forces and with love enthrall:
“Spirit of the Dark Love Goddess dear,
Bring (name of desired) to my arms right here.
Let me kindle the flames of desire
And my love always with passion inspire.”

Firm thy vision of what is intended as the candle to the first notch burns and the hour is ended.

Repeat this spell a notch each night and one of the strips gleefully light.

With witch’s will and concentrated vision thou canst capture thy lover with precision.