To Procure Money for an Emergency


  • Green candle
  • Ginger oil
Inscribe the following on a long dark green taper candle and anoint it with ginger oil:
2qjx5zc.jpgTurn the candle upside-down and dig the wick out from the wax on the bottom end so that you will be free to light it. Prop the candle up on its side as pictured and recite the following as you light each wick:

Wick to the East: "Les spiritueux orientaux apportent des riches"

Wick to the West: "Les spiritueux occidentaux apportent des riches"

Allow the candle to burn out on its own (you may have to place a dish large enough to place beneath the entire length of the candle to avoid wax drippings on your altar or furniture).

Financial assistance will not only find you, but it will find you twice as fast.