To Obtain Money


  • A gold candle
  • 5 green candles
  • 1 red candle
  • The astral candle of the person whom the spell is being worked for (the petitioner)
  • Cinnamon or clove oil
  • Cinnamon, clove or other prosperity incense

Time: Thursday or Sunday

Rub oil on all the candles. On the left side of the altar, place the gold and petitioner candles. On the right hand side, line up the 5 green candles so they make an arrow pointing to the other two on the left. Place the red candle behind the green one at the tip of the "arrow".

Cast your Circle. Light the incense. Meditate on what is to be done. When ready, light the petitioners candle, picturing the petitioner and say:
"This candle represents (name). As it burns, so burns his spirit."

Light the Gold candle, think hard about attracting the money and say:
"This candle represents the Attraction. It works with and for (name), the name beside it."

Light the green candles, say as you light the candles, say:
"These candles represent money which (name) desires. It is as much as he needs — no more no less."

Light the Red candle, and think about what is to be accomplished. Say:
"This candle represents the Power and Command to drive the money to (name)."

Meditate for a moment or two, raising energy inside yourself. When ready say:
"As money is necessary to the fulfillment of our needs, so must we strive to obtain it. All should be earned or not received at all. The need of (name) at present time is intense. For it is said the Gods will provide when surely in need. Now is the need. Let him find all that he shall need. Let all work well for him. Let him have sufficient. Let him no longer have want."

Think now of the wish fulfilled and the petitioner having money. Think of it actually being in his procession. Say:
"The money is now his. He holds it in his hands and has it to fill his needs. He has received it safely and is glad. Praise be to the Gods for their kindness. Now all is well."

Sit then quietly for about 5 minutes, letting the candles and the incense burn.

The ritual should be repeated the following day, but before starting move the 5 green candles about 2 inches to the left towards the 2 candles. Also, move the red right behind them. Move them each day before the ritual until they finally meet the gold and petitioners candles (the first green one meets the other two).