To Make a Purification Broom


  • Straight branch (12-18 inches long, ½ inch diameter)
  • Scissors
  • Raffia
  • Salt water
  • Cedar/fennel/lavender/rosemary/broom

From time to time it is necessary to purify our home because of sickness, conflict in the home, etc. Many witches also like to purify the home in the spring, and Ostara is a traditional time to make our brooms and use them.

Assemble your tools and materials and create a sacred space to work in.

Charge the branch and plant materials by taking each in turn in your hands and sending purifying energies into them. Visualize a white cleansing light emanating from your hands and being absorbed by the branch and plants.

Take the raffia and tie three circles on one end of the branch while you say:
“I bind you in purification.”

Now take several stalks of the plant materials, leafy ends down, and place them around the end of the branch with the three loops of raffia (to form a round broom shape). Visualize the white light, and tie three loops around the branch and plants. Place another layer of plant material around the branch, tie three more loops while you visualize. Do this until your broom is as full as you want. Tie the end of the raffia three times around the branch and plants, pull the end through some of the loops and tie three knots. Snip off the excess raffia. Thank the branch and plant materials for their sacrifice.

Sprinkle some of the salt water on the broom sweeps and visualize all negative forces melting away. Now walk to your door, open it and vigorously sweep close to the floor (you don't actually have to sweep the floor). Visualize all negativity being swept out the door. Now moving clockwise around the house, sweep each door and window and at the upper and lower corners of each room. When you've made your way back to the door, open it again, sweep out, then shake your broom vigorously three times to shake away anything that stuck to it.

Leave it outside your door, do not bring it in again. At your first opportunity, take it apart and bury all the materials.