To Heal a Broken Heart


  • 1 white candle
  • Blue cloth shaped in a circle
  • 3 drops each of feverfew and myrtle
  • 1 white rose
  • 1 ivy leaf
  • 1 yellow poppy
  • White felt heart
  • Blue thread
  • 1 copper coin

This spell must be cast on a Sunday, the day of death and endings.

Cast a protective circle and ignite a white candle to begin. Use a circle of blue cloth filled with three drops of feverfew, myrtle, the petals from one white rose, one ivy leaf and one yellow poppy. Take a white felt heart, cut in half, then sew it together with blue thread as you charge the charm with this verse:
"Universe I call to thee
To kill this ache inside of me.
By all the power of three times three
Please heal my heart and set me free."

Now lay the heart among the herbs, adding a copper coin to draw new love. Tie together with white thread and wear close to your breast for nine days.

On the tenth day, burn the herbal charm as you repeat the chant. Allow a further nine days for the spell to work.