To Gain Understanding of Literature or Other Material


  • Yellow construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Gold cord
  • 2 white feathers
  • Pen or pencil
  • Dried, crushed peppermint
  • Baggie
  • Book you're studying
Make a bookmark out of yellow construction paper. Punch a hole ¾-inch from the top. Loop a gold cord through the hole and tie carefully. Tie a white feather to each loose end of the gold cord. Draw the following bind rune at the top of the bookmark, about ½-inch below the hole.

Activate the bind rune, then rub the bookmark with dried, crushed peppermint. Put the herb in a baggie, as you will use it again later. Hold the bookmark over the book you are currently studying, and say:
"I empower this bind rune to open the way for me to understand this material.”

Pass the bookmark around the book three times clockwise. Open the book and riffle the pages with your left hand so that the air from the moving pages flutters the bookmark that you are dangling from your right hand. Do this three times.

Find the chapter you are to study and begin to do so. Keep the rune visible on the desk at all times. If you come to a particularly difficult passage, close your eyes and tap the rune three times. Take a deep breath, then open your eyes and continue to study.

When you are finished studying, place the bookmark in the book at the page where you stopped working. Keep the bookmark in the book until you have finished that book or project.

To reactivate the bookmark, place in the baggie with the crushed peppermint and sit the baggie in the sunlight or moonlight for at least one hour. Renew the peppermint every thirty days.

When you are finished with the book or project, burn the bookmark and scatter the ashes to the wind, thanking deity for the assistance you received.