To Find Love


  • Ace of Hearts
  • Brown sugar
  • 3 pink rose petals
  • Pink candle wit your name on it
  • Pink conjuring bag

Take the Ace of Hearts from a card deck and place face-up on your altar. Sprinkle with a bit of brown sugar and place three pink rose petals on top.

Burn a pink candle with your name on it. Hold your hands over the Ace and say twenty-one times:
"Aces are winners and I'll win in love,
Kisses and hugs from heaven above,
Bring me affection that I'm thinking of."

Place the Ace, sugar, and rose petals in a pink conjuring bag. Carry with you until your desire is granted. Keep until you wish the relationship to end, then open the bag and scatter to the winds, saying five times:
"Aces are winners, and I've had my fill,
Leave now with happiness, and leave me no ill."