To Dedicate a Familiar


  • Battery powered candle
  • Cedar incense
  • Lavender oil
  • Juice and cakes
  • Food and water for familiar
  • Besom

Timing: First Quarter; Hour of Sun; Day of week: Tuesday; Season: Spring; Time of Day: Dawn

Prepare altar set-up in advance. Prepare music that is calming to both you and the familiar.

Sweep circle in advance. Light incense.

Start music and meditate with familiar in lap or sit nearby. When ready to begin, snap fingers three times softly.

Cast circle and welcome the Divine and Elementals. Consecrate circle with earth (salt), water, fire and air (incense).

Offer juice from the goblet to the God/Goddess saying:
(God/Goddess) I, (name), your son/daughter, am here today
To show your respect in a special way
After we have drunk and had a treat
I'll present my familiar for you to decide
If she/he is worthy in your eyes
To join the fold of (God/Goddess) pride.”

Dedication of the Familiar
(God/Goddess), I honor no other and hold no other before you
It is to you therefore that I bring my familiar (name) to dedicate to you on this day (mm-dd-yyyy)
I bring him/her to you and ask for your blessings.”

Pick up or lead familiar before the altar:
(God/ Goddess), I bring before you this animal
In my eyes he/she has shown their worth
He/she has allowed me to join with him/her
He/she has traveled with my other familiar who has passed
He/she is honorable in asking permission from me when needed
He/she comforts me when I am low
I ask that you please accept him/her and my request.”

Anoint his/her brow, stating:
(God/Goddess) I vow to protect him/her as I would myself and to inquire of him/her in my absence
He/she is in tune with the others and I will ask of him/her to communicate these things to me.”

Holding him/her and petting him/her gently:
(God/Goddess) I ask again that you accept and that you protect him/her
I ask that you help him/her to assist me in my magick.
I ask that you help us to maintain our friendship
He/she is the odd man out in our (type of animal) as I am the lone man/woman out in life
I ask that you give him/her a working name as you have given me
In this way we can perform your service in secret as you request
Please send me this name as you desire.
I will know this name when it comes to me.”

If the name comes during the time of the dedication, bless the familiar with the name, if not, bless the familiar with the name during another circle.

Gently put the familiar down and thank the God/Goddess.

Serve cakes and juices. Serve familiar food/water.

Farewell Divine and Elementals, open the Circle, ground and clean up.

Document new member in your Book of Shadows.