To Decrease Your Lover’s Libido


  • Strand of lover's hair
  • Gender appropriate figure candle
  • Knife
  • Container to hold candle
  • Water

Tie a strand of your lover’s hair (or tape a strand if s/he has very short hair) around a gender appropriate figure candle and carve his/her initials into the back of the candle’s surface.

Repeat the phrase: "Gelez votre feu" three times and place the candle into a container filled with water high enough to meet the figure’s waist (at least above the genital area).

Next place the candle outside during a freeze (or in a freezer if it is not cold enough for water to freeze outdoors).

When the water below the figure’s waist has frozen solid, light the candle and recite the following:
"Your heat may melt this ice, but enough remains to cool your fire."

Allow the candle to burn down and extinguish itself when it meets the water’s edge. After the candle goes out, dry it off and save it in case you decide to heat up this person’s libido again.

To restore the target’s lustful spirit, simply re-light the candle and repeat the following:
"Votre feu vit encore."

The spell will reverse itself on its own within one cycle of the moon.