To Charm the Person of Your Dreams


  • A feather pen (preferably the feather of a swan or goose)
  • Red ink
  • A pinch of rosemary
  • A pinch of thyme
  • A sheet of parchment paper

On the parchment, with the feather pen and red ink, write the following incantation:
“Goddess of Love, I entreat thee to intervene on my behalf to cause (name of person) to fall in love with me. I beg your patience and favor to entertain my request, that just so I wish, so may it be. Let it be so!”

Now mix the thyme and rosemary and sprinkle the mixture over your written words. Allow the whole to dry completely. Hide the parchment in a place known only to you. As soon as the spell takes hold and the desired person is under your charm, bury the parchment in a place where it will never be discovered.

Beware: If the parchment is ever discovered, the enchantment will be broken.