To Bring a Lover Back to You


  • A length of red yarn
  • A small amount of dried rosemary
  • A small envelope
  • A small coin that you found on the street or outdoors
  • A compass

Write the name of your love on the inside of the envelope.

Rub the coin with the rosemary and holding the coin and rosemary in your clenched fist, repeat your love’s name four times, each time facing a different direction. First North, then East, then South, and finally West.

Seal the coin in the envelope, kiss the envelope and roll it up and tie the red yarn around it. Put it away in one of your favorite places.

Take the rosemary outdoors and cast it to the wind while thinking to yourself, “Come back to me, come back to me, come back to me.”

You have enabled your wish to travel on the wind — to seek and retrieve your love.