To Attract Love


  • Blank sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Small wooden or cardboard box
  • ¼ cup dried pink rose petals
  • 2 pink quartz crystals
  • Ring for the finger
  • Pink candle

This needs to be performed after the sun has set. First, you must charge the objects listed above with love. This you do by concentrating on the objects and visualizing love entering your life.

Next, cut out a paper heart on which you will then draw two hearts intersected. Place the paper in the box. Hold the dried rose petals close to your heart for approximately one minute before depositing them in the box. Place the crystal in the box as well.

Now hold the ring in your hands and repeat the following three times:
“Symbol of love, send me my love.”

Then gently place the ring in the box. Light the candle and set it to the left of the box. Allow the candle to burn for exactly thirteen minutes, during which time you must visualize your love entering your life. After exactly thirteen minutes, extinguish the flame, leaving the box closed, every evening until the candle is completely consumed. Once the candle has burned down to a height of less than approximately one inch, remove the ring from the box and carry it with you. Bury the box with the remainder of its contents. Your love should not delay.