To Attract a Person You Love


  • A goose feather made into a pen
  • Red ink
  • Sheet of parchment
  • Length of string
  • Pink candle
  • 3 pink rose petals (dried and crushed)
  • Dragon’s Blood powder (optional)
  • An aluminum pan

Start by lighting the pink candle and with its light, take your parchment and write, using the feather pen and red ink, the following incantation:
“I ask the forces of the spirit of Venus to make it so that (name of person) is able to declare for me their love. Let it so be!”

Crush the petals and mix them with the Dragon’s Blood, sprinkle the mixture over each written letter on the parchment. Wait until all is well dried before rolling up the parchment and tying it with the length of string, making three knots. Light the rolled parchment by the flame of the candle and deposit it into the aluminum pan. Repeat the incantation while the parchment is burning.