Tie His/Her Tongue Spell


  • Piece of red felt
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Black marker
  • Empty jelly jar with a lid
  • Scissors

In sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower all items for protection.

Make a big tongue out of the felt and cut it out. Write the person who spread the rumors and gossip about you on the tongue with the black marker. If you don't know who the culprit might be, then write: Whoever is spreading gossip.

Take the embroidery thread and sew along your lines of writing. With each stitch, say:
"I tie your tongue, you nasty one,
So you can harm no more."

When you've finished, cut the thread and say:
"I push your evil away from me.
Whatever you sent to me, goes back to thee."

Tie the tongue into a big knot and say:
"Guardian angel, please protect me from this person's gossip.
Send back their negative energy."

Put the tongue in the jar, seal it, and say:
"I confine your evil to yourself.
May Spirit help you deal with your own low self-esteem."

Keep the jar in a safe place. If the person ever bothers you again, open the jar and do the spell a second time.