Thunderstone for Home Protection


  • 1 round, smooth stone that fits in your palm
  • Several small pieces of mirror
  • Glue

On the night of a full moon, cleanse, consecrate, and empower the stone, mirrors, and glue, asking for divine protection. You can petition the Lord and Lady, the angels, or the animal spirit of your choice.

As you glue the mirrors on the top surface of the stone, intone the following chant:
"To guard, to protect, to ward off evil
Keep my world safe from awful upheaval
Thunder to shatter and lightning to blast
So mote it be, this magick is cast."

Repeat the chant seven times, then blow on the stone, saying:
"As above, so below, this magick is sealed."

Empower again in thirty days. For extra power, infuse during a thunderstorm.