Thirteen-Step Solitary Esbat


  • Altar
  • 4 quarter candles
  • Illuminator candles
  • Athame or wand
  • Representations of the four elements
  • Cakes and ale (optional)
  • Libation bowl (optional)

Cleanse the ritual space by carrying a representation of the four elements around the area in a clockwise motion, working with one element at a time.

Open altar energies by blessings with the four elements.

Light the illuminator candles.

Cast the magick circle.

Invoke the deities.

State intent of the ritual aloud.

Draw down the moon (if this is a full moon esbat).

Perform the magickal work, which may include drawing and raising energy, then sealing the spellwork.

Take communion (optional).

Thank the deity, the quarters, release, and extinguish the quarter candles.

Release the magick circle. Seal the altar energies, and extinguish the illuminator candles.

Clean up and offer the libation bowl outside.