The Washing Spell


  • Rose petals
  • Lavender
  • Incense or white sage

Begin by drawing a ritual bath. Make sure the temperature of the water is pleasant. You may decoct an infusion of rose petals and lavender to add to the water.

You may wish to begin the cleansing ritual by burning incense or white sage as the tub fills. Let the smoke waft over your body, enjoying its aroma while taking care not to deeply inhale the smoke.

Release your mundane cares and get in touch with your center of power. As you bathe, visualize yourself in a state of wholeness and completeness, in perfect health, with acute mental faculties, at peace, and in love with the universe.

Recite the following verse:
"I wash myself in thy dew and dales
In the brilliance of thy fire, my Lady
I set thy blessed form between my eyes
I wash away all of my foes and their spells
I wash away from myself the power and the anger of men
The world shall be kind to me, with friends and kind deeds
The earth shall be gracious to me in goods and in acquisitions
Everything will be successful that I need to do, to speak, to think
This I do bid thee, Lady, Queen of Heaven, so that everyone who sees me today will have to cast kind glances at me and will be delighted with me
Likewise, I bid thee, Mother of the Gods, Divine Creatrix,
That thou will turn away from me and remove all ruin and ill luck
All malice and treachery on the part of others who want to deceive me in words and through words, in deeds and through deeds, or in whatever way they seek to ruin me.
Hear thou my need, blessed Goddess. I have faith in thee and I trust in all good things. So mote it be."

After you get out of your bath and dry yourself off, stand naked before your altar and give yourself a personal blessing, adapted from the traditional five-fold self-blessing:
"In the name of the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names,
Bless my eyes, that I may have clarity of vision
Bless my mouth, that I may speak only truth
Bless my heart, that I may love and be loved
Bless my sex, that I may know pleasure
Bless my feet, that I may continue to walk in your ways."