The Triskelion Rite of Tea


  • Herb(s) for tea
  • Container for herb(s)
  • Cup(s)
  • Tea pot
  • Decanter of pure spring water
  • Brewing dish with candle
  • Scrying candle
  • Cauldron
  • Athame

Purpose: The purpose of this working is to pay homage to the Gods and to reflect on Their blessings upon this your life.

Place a small table or platform in the center of your working space and arranging the brewing dish, herbs, cup(s), tea pot and spoon on the table. Also place the cauldron with scrying candle within for use during the meditation.

Prior to casting the circle, light the candle and fill the brewing dish with spring water from a decanter. Keep the brewing dish covered during the casting, as it has been found this helps the water to heat faster and hotter.

The Blessing of the Herbs
With the tip of your Athame touching the Herbs, intone this blessing:
“Thou has grown by favor of the Sun,
The Moon, and of the dew.
I make this intercession, ye herb:
I beseech thee to be of benefit to me and my rite,
For thy virtues are unfailing.
Thou art the Dew of all the Gods,
The Eye of the Sun,
The Light of the Moon,
The Beauty and Glory of the Sky,
The Mystery of Terra.
I purify thee so that
Whatever is wrought by me with thee may,
In all its powers,
Have a good and speedy effect with good success.
Be purified by my prayer and be powerful!
So mote it be!”

When water is hot enough, place the herbs in the Tea Pot and add water from the brewing dish, give it a couple of stirs.

While the tea is steeping, intone this Prayer:
“Earth Mother
Giver of life
Strengthen me during my life-long strife.
Teach me Your ways of perfect love,
Peace, and wisdom true.
Spawn from my purest heart
These words to You
May this prayer help me to better
Myself in word and deed,
To a higher plane I shall succeed.
Beautiful Light of Goodness Fair
Lore of old we both do share
A Witch's brew, I drink to You
My love for You, by day, by night
In thought and in sight
Will my soul learn
The meaning of this life again.”

Pour out a cup for all present, including one for the Gods, and enjoy.

Sit before the table and meditate on the blessings that the Gods have bestowed upon your life. You may use the scrying candle here to focus upon for your meditation. If the Gods so choose They may give you a Message or Vision through the blessings of the Sight.

You may relax now and finish off the pot. (Note: This rite is not to take the place of The Feast, but is to be used as a time of blessing and communing with the Goddess)