The Taking Off Spell


  • Ball of red yarn
  • Lighter
  • Fire-proof bowl
  • Scissors

Have the sick person stand in front of you. Take the free end of the red yarn and place the yarn at the top of the person's head. Have them hold the yarn for you while you measure all the way down to their heel with the yarn. Have them sit down and take off their shoe. Add the measurement of their foot onto the yarn that you are holding. This means that the yarn will measure their height plus one foot measurement. Cut the yarn at the end of the measurement.

Hold the yarn in your hand and say:
"I remove, I banish, I take off any sickness or negativity on (person's name).
So mote it be!"

Burn the yarn in the bowl and say:
"Fire coil and fire roil, dragon's tail and cauldron boil!
Remove the negativity from (person's name) now!
So mote it be!"

Be careful, don't burn your fingers. If you are not allowed to use fire, then throw the yarn in a living body of water, or bury the yarn off of your property.