The Spell of Selket to Remove Negativity and Stop Gossip

Cup your hands and visualize a glowing ball of light growing in your palms. Whisper or think the following incantation in your mind:
"Selket, Queen of Magick
Sister of Mother Isis
Guardian of Osiris
Protector of the child-god Horus
She who binds the dead
And fashions the magick
Great Scorpion Goddess of Egypt.
May foul words not sting me
May misdeeds fly from my day
May the light and enchantment
Of love surround me and dispel all evil
From my heart, mind and soul.
So mote it be."

Cross your chest with your palms, visualizing positive energy entering your heart chakra. Take a deep breath and relax, then snap your fingers three times to break any remaining negative energy around you.