The Rosary Spell


  • Rosary or string of beads/macaroni
  • Picture of ill person (optional)

In sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower the rosary or the beads and string. (If you plan to make your healing rosary, then do this in sacred space and ask for the blessings of each quarter). When you are ready to use the string of beads/rosary, sit quietly and hold your string of beads.

Think of the person who is ill. You may set a picture up in front of you to help you. Close your eyes, slowly turn the first bead, and say:
"Angels of healing, bring healing energy to (person's name)."

Continue saying the same thing as you turn each bead on the string or rosary. When you finish with the last bead, say:
"Holy Spirit, bless and keep (person's name) from illness or harm.
Help them to heal quickly. So mote it be!"