The Protection Spell

Cast a circle, call in the elements, and invite the Goddess and God to witness your work as you ask for their protection.

State the following:
"Hear thou me, Triple Goddess, Sacred Maiden, Blessed Mother, Crone of Wisdom, Creatrix of all things, and thy blessed Consort, the Sun King, who rides his fiery chariot across the sky. Be thou a shield for my soul, my life, and my body; inside as well as outside, for seeing and hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling, for flesh and for blood, veins, and sinews, cartilage and bone, bowls, and all my body's movements and connections. Indeed for thy name's sake may all my joints and limbs receive life and spirit, to move, and be strengthened, and become whole. Protect me, Lord and Lady, on the right and left sides, forward and backward, above and below, from the inside and outside, when I bow down, and when I rise up. In hard weather, in waters great and small, in the sea in high waves and in confusing darkness; when I am walking, standing, sitting, in sleep and while awake, in silence and while talking, and in all of my body's workings. Protect me from deadly dangers that threaten from land, from the water and sea, from all beasts and creatures of the ocean, birds and beasts that go on four feet and all creeping beasts. Protect me, Lord and Lady, from all evil, from fire and claps of thunder, from snow and hail, from rain and wind, from earthquakes and all kinds of movement in the earth; from poison, from all glances from envious eyes, from evil words and works, and dangerous situations. Protect me from all the hostility of the enemy who wants to withhold all good things, here before death, and in death, and in the other world after death. Thou Goddess and God who live in perfect balance through all the ages, so mote it be."

Meditate in perfect silence for a while. Reflect on the words of power you have spoken. Feel the transformative powers begin to take effect. Notice how utterly specific the verse is.

Observe the subtle changes in your perception, how different you feel now that you have treated yourself as a sacred being. Bask in the presence of the divine reality and thank the Goddess and the God for their presence at your ritual. You may substitute the names of goddesses and gods with whose energy you feel the need to work for the honorific titles used in the verse given above.

When you feel that you have allowed enough time for the spell to take effect, it is time to release the deities invoked and to release the elements as well. It is important that the spirits be released with as much eloquence and reverence as when you called them in.