The Crystal Door Ritual


  • Quartz crystal
  • White candle
  • Frankincense and myrrh incense and censor
  • Bowl of salt
  • Chalice of water
  • Soft music

Put on some soft music, draw a magick circle, and call in the elemental powers. Next, light the candle and incense. To cleanse the crystal of unwanted energies, put it in a bowl of salt and roll it around, saying:
"Be gone all evil and foulness
Be gone from this stone now and forevermore!"

Next, hold the crystal in your power hand. Merge with the crystal — the Earth element — and say:
"I empower this crystal with the powers of Earth.
So be it! As I will, so shall it be!"

Still holding the crystal in your power hand, bathe it in the incense smoke for a few minutes. Merge with the Air element, and say:
"I empower this crystal with the powers of Air.
So be it! As I will, so shall it be!"

Now move the crystal carefully around the flame of the candle in a clockwise circle, at a safe distance. Merge with the Fire element, and say:
"I empower this crystal with the powers of Fire.
So be it! As I will, so shall it be!"

Next, sprinkle nine drops of water on the crystal. Merge with the powers of water, and say:
"I empower this crystal with the powers of Water.
So be it! As I will, so shall it be!"

Then hold the stone in both of your hands, and say:
"I empower this crystal with helpful powers
Of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
So be it! As I will, so shall it be!"

Next, sit or recline comfortably, holding your crystal in your hands, and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and let go of any tensions or worries for a little while. Begin imagining yourself walking down a path through a wooded forest in the afternoon. There are oak, pine, madrone, and fir trees all around you, and you can smell the scent of the trees in the air. Deer appear now and again, and you can hear the birds singing.

As you walk down the path, you come to a magnificent tree made of brilliant crystal. You move closer to the stone tree, feeling the smooth trunk beneath your hands. The stone feels amazingly warm to your touch. You gently pat the stone tree trunk nine times with your right hand;
one — two — three, one — two — three, one — two — three.

As you do this, the tree trunk opens to reveal a hidden doorway.

The hush of the forest around you becomes pronounced, and you feel a blast of hot air, and suddenly find yourself in a dim underground chamber with black and gray walls. You notice that the darkened chamber opens up into a large, brighter chamber. You enter the second chamber and see that you have entered a cave. The walls around you are covered with dark red garnets and purple-red rubies. You can feel the power from the red stone walls flowing into you, and you take a deep breath and fill your being with the refreshing red glowing energy. As you move even further into the cave, the orange glowing walls become golden, made of citrine and golden topaz. You take a deep breath, filling your being with the golden light around you. As you take a few more steps, you notice the walls are now covered with green malachite, and then the malachite changes into walls made of bright green emeralds. You can feel the balancing energy radiating from the emerald walls, and you take a deep breath, absorbing all of the emerald energy. The green walls become turquoise blue, and then deep blue sapphire. You breathe in their energy, and then take a few more steps into the cave. Suddenly you find yourself completely surrounded by purple amethyst. You slowly absorb the power of the amethyst. Now allow the power and knowledge of the crystal cave to fill you to the brim. Drink in the Divine energy of the magickal cave.

When you are finished, thank the crystal spirits, and then move your awareness back to the present time and place. Allow the candle to safely burn down on its own. Release the elements, thank the deity, and pull up the circle. Keep the crystal on your altar to use whenever you want to return to the crystal cave.