The Crabby Teacher Spell


  • 7 seashells
  • Aqua candle
  • Small box of sand
  • Brown sugar
  • Dinner plate
  • Piece of paper with your teacher's handwriting on it

Caste your magick circle, call the quarters, and do the altar devotion. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all tools for kindness.

Put the paper with the teacher's signature on the plate. Pour the sand evenly over the top. Arrange the seashells in the sand in the shape of a circle. Hold the aqua candle in your hand and say:
"Goddess of the sea
With hair of foam and spray
Change (teacher's name)'s idea of me
Bring me kindness every day."

Place the aqua candle securely in the sand and light it. Hold your hands over the plate (careful not to burn your hands) and say:
"Goddess Oceana
Who reflects the rising of the sun
And the golden rays when day is done
Whose ebb and flow follows the moon.
Your power changes the land
Carves inlets in the sand.
Bring change for me
Bring change."

Chant the last two lines as long as possible. Visualize your teacher being pleasant to you. See the teacher smiling, talking politely, helping you with your work, and giving your praise.

When you have finished, thank Oceana for helping you. Close the quarters and release the circle. Let the candle burn until nothing is left. Leave the seashells intact until the teacher changes his/her attitude.

If in thirty days no change occurs, repeat the spell.