The Bully Frog Banish Spell


  • Plastic frog
  • Piece of paper with the bully's name on it
  • Rubber band
  • Box that the frog will fit in

Cast your magick circle, call the quarters, and do your altar devotion.

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies in the name of banishment. Hold the frog in your hands and say:
"I link this frog to (bully's name)."

Close your eyes and see the bully in your mind. Now open your eyes and superimpose the bully's face over that of the frog.

Take the piece of paper with the bully's name on it and rubber band the paper to the frog. Put the frog in the box, close the lid and say:
"(Bully's name), I forever banish you from my life.
With harm to none.
May this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse.
May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working.
So mote it be!"

Bury the box outside as you repeat:
"Away, away, I banish thee, away!"