The Banishing Spell


  • Your favorite herbs
  • Athame
  • Salt
  • Pentacle
  • White sage or frankincense

Begin with a ritual bath with the strong intention of cleansing away unwanted energy. (Remember that the energy you put into forming your intention will have a significant influence on the outcome of your actions. If you prepare the bath with nothing more than physical cleansing in mind, then you will most likely achieve just that and nothing more.) Draw the bath, add an infusion of your favorite herbs, and let it steep a while.

Go to your altar and use your athame to place three heaps of salt upon the pentacle.

Consecrate the salt and cast it into the bathwater, envisioning all of the energy you have imbued into the salt dissolving into the water and surrounding you.

As you bathe in the purified waters, allow your mind to transcend all undesirable influences, allow your spirit to rise up. Send your energy to the feet of the great Goddess, to a place far beyond the reach of any harm, real or imagined.

After this meditation, dry and dress yourself (if you wish to) and enter your temple space.

Burn white sage or frankincense to clear the room, and take up your athame.

Point the blade directly in front of you and slowly turn clockwise around the circle. As you turn, clearly envision a line of fire emanating from the tip of the blade and surrounding the border of the circle. As you pass each direction, firmly speak the following charge:
"As the archangel Gabriel stands before me
Undesired guest, unwanted presence, I banish thee!
May the gale force winds of the frozen North
Tear thee from me and cast ye forth
May the mighty earth with all her power
Assist me in this needful hour
So that once thou art from me swept away
Encased in stone forever thou will stay
And by the law of three times three
For the good of all I banish thee
This charm never rebound on me
As I do will, so must it be!
As the archangel Raphael stands behind me
Undesired one, unwanted guest, I banish thee
As sure as the moon doth wax and wane
Thou art swept away by the fire's flame
Unto me thou will never return
Nor unto another, for truly ye will burn
Until only a harmless ash remains
To be washed away by a cleansing rain
For good of all this charge I lay
A day turns to night and night turns to day
I banish thee by three times three
As I do will, so must it be!
As the archangel Michael stands to my right
I banish thee with all my might
Unwanted one from me be gone
And be consumed in the fires of dawn
May the turbulent winds of the sirocco rise
And sweep your sight far from my eyes
The wind from the east may never cease
To keep thee away and never release thee
Bound that ye may do no harm
I banish thee by sacred charm.
The archangel Uriel guards me from the left side
Thou will find no shelter, no place to hide
The force of the oceans will pull thee away
On the floor of the ocean shall ye ever stay
The tides will draw thee into the deep
Never to wake and never to sleep
But dissolve into the great abyss
By strength of the charm, I promise this
To cast you into the deepest sea
For the good of all I banish thee
This charm never to rebound on me
As I do will, so must it be!"