Teen Rite of Passage


  • Full-length mirror
  • Incense
  • Water
  • Salt
  • White candle
  • Soft music
  • Gift to yourself
  • Pen and paper

Time: New Moon

Clean the room where the ritual will take place. Sit down and think about the gifts that you feel you need to manifest a positive future for yourself. Write these things on a piece of paper. You will ask for them in the ritual. A note on the blessings: Asking to win the lottery is not an option. This ritual is designed for requests such as raising your self-esteem, finding courage, learning to like yourself, helping your talents to grow, walking in wisdom, etc. Set the mirror and all the elements in either the center or north corner of the room. Take a bath or shower that cleanses the mind and spirit as well as the body, then practice a grounding and centering exercise before you begin.

One by one, carry the four elements around the room in a clockwise direction beginning with salt, followed by the lit incense, then the lit candle, and finally the bowl of water. As you walk, say the following:
“The Witch, the magick, the (element you’re carrying), the power — be one, be one, become.”

From the north quarter at the outside edge of the room, walk clockwise in a spiral until you reach the center of the circle (using at least three pass or up to seven to reach the center). As you are walking, hold your index finger out and down as if you are drawing a circle in the air as you move. As you move, say:
“The Witch, the Spirit, the circle of power — transform, transmute, become!”

As you reach the center of the circle say the chant one more time in a loud and powerful voice as you raise your arms to the ceiling. Stamp your foot on the ground and say:
“This circle is sealed!”

Take nice, deep, even breaths before you move to part two.

Set the candle in front of the mirror so that you can see your reflection and that of the candle clearly. Look in the mirror and say:
“Lord and Lady, one comes seeking a rite of passage (name what sort of passage you desire, for example: into the world of puberty, middle school, high school, adulthood, etc.)

Look at yourself in the mirror and say:
“That seeker is myself. I bring my hands (hold them out), my heart (cover it with both hands), and my own true self (open your arms out and hold palms face up as if you are carrying something). I ask your blessings upon this journey of change (lift you arms, still palms up, toward the sky).”

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the love of the universe around you. When you feel you are finished, open your eyes.

Now look at the reflection of the candle in the mirror, and ask Spirit for the blessings you listed earlier. Take your time. Say them one by one. Will them to happen as you stare into the flame. When you are finished, take a deep breath and relax. Hold your hand over the gift you’ve prepared for yourself. Ask for the blessings of Spirit upon the gift, that it may be imbued with the special power of universal love.

Thank the Lord and Lady for their presence and their gifts. Starting at the center of the circle, walk in a counter-clockwise direction, spiraling out of the center and say:
“Return from the center, return to beyond, return to the elements, return to the dawn.
With blessings of peace, with joy, and with love, return to our Lady, who smiles from above.”