Taurus Energy Spell


  • Deep-blue envelope
  • 7 dried daisy petals
  • 13 inch gold ribbon with knots at each end
  • Iron nail
  • 1 teaspoon fertile earth
  • Gold wax
  • Pen or pencil

Time: Friday, Venus hour, sun or moon in Taurus

Place the following in the envelope: the daisy petals, the ribbon tied around the nail, and the earth. Seal the envelope with the wax imprinted with your fingerprint. On the outside of the envelope, draw the astrological symbol of Venus and the symbol of Taurus.

Hold your hands over the envelope and ask Spirit to assist you in this situation. Be clear on your intentions and needs. Seal the spell by kissing the envelope.

Bury it in your backyard. If you live in an apartment or condominium, place the envelope at the bottom of a flower pot and cover with potting soil.