Talisman to Bring Love


  • Pink paper
  • Pen
  • Pink box or bag
  • Rose petals
  • Perfume
  • Pink candle

Make a copy of the above vévé or draw by hand on a pink piece of paper. On the back of the paper, write your name three times, as well as Please bring the right person to love me that I will also love. Rub your hand over the talisman three times, then kiss the front and back of the paper once to seal. Set aside in a pink box or bag that also contains several rose petals. Spray the inside of the bag three sprays or add drops of your favorite perfume and close it tightly. Place the bag in the light of the full moon for one hour before performing the spell.

Cast a magick circle. Pass the bag over the flame of the pink candle seven times (be careful not to burn the bag or box). Open the bag and remove the talisman. Pass it over the flame three times, repeating:
"Please bring the love that's right for me."

Allow the candle to burn completely, or relight once a day for seven days, repeating the statement. Don't forget to thank deity and release the circle.