Take It Easy Spell


  • Popsicle or Italian ice
  • Small piece of white paper
  • Paper plate
  • Blue marker

In sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies. Write the person's name on the paper plate. Open the popsicle. Put the popsicle directly over the person's name on the plate, and say:
"(Person's name), you're moving way to fast for me.
I melt this pop to make you stop.
So mote it be!"

Close your eyes and envision the person being pleasant to you but not pushing you. Open your eyes. Hold your hands over the pop and say:
"Element of Water, lend me your power.
Give me your magick.
Help me sail smoothly through this situation.
So mote it be!"

When the pop has melted, throw the mess away and say:
"Great Mother, help me in making the right choices about my life.
Don't let others rush me into something I'm not sure of.
Guardian angel, please give me your love and your guidance.
So mote it be!"