Sunflower Power Spell


  • Package of sunflower seeds
  • Gold candle

Draw a magick circle of golden light, and then call in the elemental powers.

Light the candle, dedicating it to a goddess of abundance such as Fortuna. Put the seed packet in front of the candle, and imagine planting the sunflowers in the package. See yourself watering and cultivating them. In your mind’s eye, watch the flowers grow big and tall.

Now pick up the seed packet and empower it by saying:
"Sunflower seeds, bring me power
Growing stronger with each passing hour
Bring great success and let it grow
As I will, it shall be so!"

Hold the seeds in your hands until the packet feels warm to the touch. Put the packet back upon your altar in front of the candle. Imagine the sunflowers blooming and thriving, and begin to chant:
"Sunflowers bring me power.
Let it grow, let it grow."

Let the candle burn down on its own. Bid farewell to the elements, thank the deity, and pull up the circle.

Take the seed packet and plant the seeds in a sunny location, thanking the elemental powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and spirit as you do so. Water them regularly and watch them grow. As they grow stronger, your power also grows stronger.