String Spell


  • Table-safe fire source
  • Paper and pen
  • 3 foot length of string

On the piece of paper, write out your goal. Fold the paper three times and tie it onto one end of the string. Put the fire source just in front of you and the paper-bound end of the string across from you, keeping the other end of the string in your hand.

Now, take a deep breath and imagine your goal is being fulfilled. Very slowly draw the string toward you, continuing to focus your will wholeheartedly on manifestation saying:
“To me, to me, come to me.”

When at last the paper reaches your hand, hold it tightly for a moment more and then toss it into the fire. As it burns, the energy you’ve created is released to begin working. Keep the ashes in a safe place until the spell has worked, then give them to the wind with thankfulness.