Stop Spousal Abuse


  • Lavender oil

If a person finds themselves in an physically abusive relationship, we strongly advocate for them to leave the abuser.

Of course, some believe you should give a person a second chance.

If you desperately want the relationship to work, wear lavender oil as perfume when you are around the abusive person. This may calm their spirits and ease their nerves, and perhaps lead to more peaceful relations between the two of you.

If for any reason, the spell isn’t effective the first time you try it, do not try this spell again.

This spell also applies to the mental abuser as well. If you are in a situation where the person you love is verbally, or mentally abusive towards you, you can wear lavender oil to ease their abuse as well; however, the same principals apply for these type of abusers. Try this spell once, if it doesn’t seem to help your situation, perform a binding spell, and get away from this person.