Spirit of the Trees

I honor you,
Dear Spirits of the Trees.
You, who have graciously provided food,
Shelter, warmth, even the breath of life,
And grant us all the vision of the beauty
Of your soulful adornment.
Enchanted we watch as joyful creatures
Smelling embrace, sup from your bountiful
Adventurous children merrily transform
You into pirate ships.
Lovers lean on your supple trunk in
Sensuous wonder.
Artists gaze at your intricate beauty.
Musicians listen for the melodious wind
Moving through your leaves.

Artemis kissed the buds of growth.
Danae blessed you with nourishment,
Water, your life blood, running through
Your veins.
Flora danced across your branches leaving
Delicate blossoms in her wake.
Cybele packed Earth carefully about your
Burgeoning roots, and
Inanna send the fertile insects that you
Would bear fruit.

Blessings to you, dear Tree Spirits, for
The gifts you bring and the lessons you