Spirit Guide Ritual


  • Sandalwood incense
  • Lavender oil
  • Wand

Use this spell whenever you need a little divine guidance.

Draw a magick circle and call in the elemental powers. Then light the incense, dedicating it to your favorite divine energies. Use the base of you wand to knock nine times in the middle of the altar. Put your wand back upon the altar. Anoint yourself with the oil, applying three drops to your third eye, three drops to your throat, and three drops to the inside of both your wrists and ankles. Hold your wand in your hands and say:
"Spirit guide, guiding light
Visit with me on this starry night.
Magick friend, so true and bright
Show yourself to me tonight."

Continue holding your wand and begin to imagine a glowing silver-white light flowing and swirling around you, wrapping you in its beauty. Feel the energy of the silver-white light filling you with its power. Now imagine yourself standing in a sunny green meadow. You notice a stone pathway on the far end of the meadow. The path is practically hidden by flowers spilling over it, and there are large apple trees, heavy with ripe golden fruit, shading the pathway. You follow the path under an archway made of yellow climbing roses, and enter a magickal garden filled with roses of every color and fragrant clumps of thick lavender. A wisteria vine with smooth skin is covered with dense fragrant purple flowers. The scents from the flowers completely fill your senses, and you breathe in the beauty of the garden.

As you enjoy the wonders of the magickal garden, you begin to notice you are not alone. You look around and see an image of your spirit guide nearby. You invite him/her to come closer. Greet your spirit guide, and ask his/her name. Address your spirit guide by name, and then ask them a pressing question that has been on your mind. You can do this aloud or silently. Spend some time communicating with him/her, and then thank your spirit guide.

Use your wand to knock three times when you are done, and then comeback to the present time and place. Thank your spirit guide, the Divine energies that helped you with your spell, and then bid farewell to the elemental powers. Pull up your circle. Whenever you want to communicate with your spirit guide, just sit quietly, hold your wand in your hands, and imagine yourself being in the magickal garden with your spirit guide.