Spellcasting Ritual


  • Dowel ¾ to 1 inch thick and 3 feet long
  • Black, red, white and gold paint
  • Soft red leather or cloth
  • Glue
  • 3 bells
  • Black ribbon
  • Spell supplies

Paint half the rod black and allow to dry. Paint the next four inches red and allow to dry. Paint the next four inches white and allow to dry. Paint the remaining end of the rod gold. Cover a small portion of the black end with soft red leather or red cloth for a hand grip and glue in place. Tie three bells with black ribbon at the bottom of the hand grip.

Gather all the supplies necessary for the spell, as well as any written information needed to cast the spell, and place everything on your altar or working surface. Light any illuminator candles that you feel you may need. Ground and center.

Cast the magick circle in the following manner: beginning at the north, walk clockwise once around the room, with the gold end of the stick pointing out and down to start and slowly raising the rod as you intone the circle casting. When you reach the north quarter the third time, the spell rod should be raised directly vertical toward the sky.
“Black and red, white and gold
Rising circle taking hold.
New moon’s blessing bright and clean
Full moon’s magick sight unseen.”

You should have made one pass around the circle. Now walk the circle again, reciting the next four lines and stopping briefly at the quarters.
“North is earth and east is air
Mighty ones, attend here.
South is fire, and west is the sea
Ancient ones, please be with me.”

You should have made the second pass around the circle. Now walk the circle one last time, reciting the final lines:
“Rise, O circle, Queen’s great cloak
Hunter’s night and Witch’s oath
Planets spin and kiss the stars
Harken to the Witch’s charge!
Make the magick make the change
Nothing is beyond my range.
Between the worlds this circle sealed —”

Tap the rod on the ground once, continuing:
“And naught within shall be revealed.
As above and so below
As I say, it shall be so!”

Stand in the center of the circle and face north. As you intone the quarter call, point the rod in the air toward the intended quarter with arm extended at forehead level. As you say each element, try to visualize it.
“Ye elemental gates open here
Bring your special powers near.

Identify yourself, invoke deity, and indicate your intent (using the words below). As you state the words of intent, hold your dominant hand above your head, or with your dominant hand, point the gold end of the rod to the heavens and say:
“Hail, Mistress of the Universe!
I, (say your name), your son/daughter of the Craft of the Wise, do call thee forth and beseech you in the name of your earthly child, (name of person or animal you’re working for), who is in need of your assistance. Great Mother, lend me your ear in this situation.”

Now describe the situation in specific terms and indicate what you are requesting. For example:
That Jane Doe finds solace and comfort in her hour of need.

Continue by saying:
“I know that you will do this. So mote it be!”

Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies.

Perform all aspects of spell work now, including raising energy.

Afterwords remember to seal the spell by blowing on the materials three times or drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the project.

Thank the deity.

Close the quarters by facing west, and saying:
“Ye elemental gates begin to close
Your gifts were welcome, your energy goes.”

Point the rod to the west, and say:
“Hail and farewell.”

Turn to the south, then east, repeating the last line at each quarter. Finally turn to the north, saying:
“Hail and farewell. Everything comes from the north!”

Beginning at the north quarter, point the rod away from your body and toward the ground. Slowly move in a counterclockwise direction, envisioning the circle lifting and pouring into the rod. Continue moving counterclockwise until you reach the north quarter again. Tap the rod once on the ground, and say:
“This circle is open but never broken. So mote it be.”

Ground and center, then clean up the area and put all supplies away.