Spell to Remove the Enemy and Promote Harmony


  • Piece of braided rope
  • 7 black feathers
  • 7 white feathers
  • Stone at least 2 inches wide
  • Small plastic toy of a person or a poppet

Lay out all your supplies on the altar.

Connect the poppet to the negative energy emitted by the enemy.

Untie one of the ends of the braid and separate the strands of the rope. Begin tying first a black feather into the rope, followed by a white feather. As you tie all the feathers, use your favorite chant to build power. Tie the poppet into the strands last.

Weight the worry by tying the stone into the rope.

Take the work to a flowing stream, river, lake, or the ocean and throw it into the water with as much strength as you can, saying:
"O gracious lady, bring to me
Peace and acts of harmony.
Banish evil — make it flee
As I will, so mote it be!"