Spell to Protect Your Vehicle


  • Spring water
  • Sea salt/rock salt

Take the Spring water and with your finger draw a pentacle on the following:

  • All windows
  • All doors
  • All tires
  • On the hood
  • On the trunk
  • On the roof

Then say:
“Great mother, Hecate I call ye forth
Gracious Goddess Up above
Protect herein all I love
Keep us save and free from harm
If no be right, set off alarm
Transport us safely from here to there
let no weather be no care
my car turns right
my car turns left
keep if free from harm and theft
Circle of protection gather round
When danger comes hunting
we can't be found.”

Then sprinkle the sea salt/rock salt clockwise direction around the car and try to keep an unbroken line and say:
"This spell is seal
this spell is locked
all negative energy is completely blocked."