Spell to Get What You Need


  • Dollar bill
  • Green cloth
  • Green string
  • Patchouli oil
  • Dried herbs
  • Green or white candle

Take a dollar bill, a piece of green cloth, some green string, and some patchouli oil. If you do not have patchouli oil you can use another oil that is good for money or just some dried herbs you find in your kitchen. Cinnamon is good for this, as are clover and grass.

Burn some money incense and light a green or white candle. Since Karma works in its own way, you should not be too specific about the spell. For example, you may not want to ask for money. Perhaps Karma has a better way of working out the problem. You could chant something like:
“Truly I in trouble am
In prosperity I have no plan
But know that I redeemed be
If I can do good three times three.”

Chant this thrice and think about your problem while you perform your ritual. As you chant, tie up the dollar in the cloth along with the other materials and tie them with the string. Set this on the altar and let the candle burn itself out. Leave the item on your altar until you have gained what you need.

By stating that you will do nine good things, not only are you setting a time limit for your spell, but you are building up good karma to win the thing that you desire. These good things can be anything from being kind to someone or letting someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store. Whatever it is, it is a fair trade for what you need.

It is probably a good idea to set out some sweets for the little people in your garden as they often have a way of working things out.