Spell to Get a Job


  • Old embroidery hoop
  • Green tissue paper
  • Pen and paper
  • Glue
  • Roll of new pennies
  • Your favorite incense

On the piece of paper, write the following:

  1. The salary you need (be realistic)
  2. What type of job you'd like to do
  3. What kind of environment you'd like to work in
  4. What kind of people you'd like to work with
  5. What kind of supervisor you'd like to have
  6. What location you are looking for
  7. What kind of transportation you need
  8. How long you want the job to last (don't say forever)

On a new moon, cleanse, consecrate and empower all supplies. Carefully stretch a few lays of green tissue paper over the embroidery hoop and secure. Glue your list of job requirements to the center of the hoop. Set the hoop down flat and arrange the pennies around the outside of the hoop so that the spacing is pleasing to your eye. Now, glue the pennies, clockwise, on the flat edge of the hoop. As you glue each penny, say:
"The circle is unending,
From birth to death to birth,
And life is but a pattern
I weave upon this Earth.
This spell is for employment,
To meet my needs and more
The energy I raise this eve
Will open fortune's door."

When the glue has dried, repeat the charm three times, then blow on the hoop, imagining that the circle is a vortex drawing employment and prosperity to you. Hang in a window facing North.

Once you land the job, put the hoop in a safe place. Later, if you wish to leave the job, dismantle the hoop on a full moon at midnight, saying:
"I honor the work you did for me
But now I must move on
A better job awaits me
At the coming of the dawn.
The fire will release the pact
The air sends magick home
I'm very pleased that in this job
I've learned a lot and grown.
But now the north with open up
New treasures come to me
Therefore this witch releases you
As I will, so mote it be."

Burn the tissue paper and the job list and scatter to the wind. Bury the hoop and pennies, asking that a new and better job grow in place of the old one.